Introducing: Ryan Adriandhy, my new mood booster



I’ve got a new mood booster! I saw him first at Malam Minggu Miko series by Raditya Dika. He is as Rianto Martino, Miko’s best friend. Yap, Ryan Adriandhy.

I looking for some his info more and more. Actually, Ryan has the winner of Stand Up Comedy Season 1 – Kompas TV (2011). I was watched videos on YouTube for his show. He’s awful. I can’t stop laughing while he’s stand-up.

He was born on 15th of June 1990. (Gosh.. We just differ one day! — except the year :p) he’s a graduated of Art and Design major in Binus University. He loves Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story). Ryan has in relationship with Elghandiva Astrilia. They’re cute couple :D

In this April, he begin the stand-up tour. It called “Take A Closer Look: The Tour” (#TACLtour). He will visit 8 cities that he mentioned on short film that he created. — link: The TOUR – short film

I wish I can attend on his #TACLtour finale at Jakarta on 24th of August 2013. It’s gonna be fun. I’m excited. And surely I can’t hardly wait!!

I really like him. Even I put his name on my BlackBerry Messenger status. Oh, on WhatsApp Messenger and LINE too! Those people put their boy/girlfriend on that. But, that is not for me. You can put whoever names is on your own messenger.

BlackBerry Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger


I spent all my times to know him deeply. I stalk his twitter timeline all day-night long, I read his Tumblr from first post until the last, seeing his own pictures, and watch all videos that he is there. Fortunately, I’m not so busy with my work, nowadays. Hence I can do that at all. Haha.

Okay, I think that’s enough to introduced and telling you that I love him so. I have to check his timeline now before I fall asleep :))



If you want to know Ryan Adriandhy, you can visit some links below:

Facebook: Personal — ryan.adriandhy | Official Page — AdriandhyPage

Twitter: Personal — Adriandhy | Official account for info, schedules and project — AdriandhyComedy


Youtube: AdriandhyRyan

Soundcloud: ryan-adriandhy

His art-work: KanootPixels



— Annisa Cynthia P.

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