The Last of 2010


Too much to remember the wonderful moments over the 2010. But, I try to write here. About my friends, idols, family and love. The most beautiful moments are with my idols and their fans. With Numata Band and Numatars, Derby and Derby Community, and also Lyla Band with Lylaku.

First. January – March. Quality time to know my idols. I really love Derby and Numata!

Second. 3rd of April. I’m at Bandung with my lil’ sista. Will meet Numata that performance in Inbox – SCTV at Metro Indah Mall. But, it was not my day. We didn’t meet with them! In the other hand, I got something beautiful. They made me keep smiling, spirit and up. “Someday we’ll definitely meet”, someone said.

Third. 23rd of May. Watch Lyla with my friends at Lapangan Merdeka, Sukabumi. Meanwhile, I chatted with Inu and Mhala Numata on Aisyah’s cell phone. Since that time Numata was in Makassar. It was a perfect Sunday.

Fourth. 16th of June. It’s my 18th birthday! I got many birthday greeting. From my family, friends, Numatars, DeCo and many more. Especially from Numata and someone who I love. And it was amazing June.

Fifth. 26th of July. Finally, I met with Numata band although without Tantra. It was located at Coffee Bean – Bandung Super Mall, Bandung. Do you know, I’m willing to come to Bandung and staying at Selda’s house the day before. We (me, Selda and Raafi) talk about many things with them. The day was a wonderful moment.

Sixth. 31st of August. Me, my lil’ sista and Lykubumi (Lylaku Sukabumi) meet with Lylaku. Woohoo.. It was fun! We watch their performance at Lapangan Merdeka, Sukabumi. And in the night, we came to hotel where their stayed. We talk with Indra Sinaga, Amec and their crew. The other personnel are sick. They visited us when photographed together. It was a good night.

Seventh. 2nd of September. Conference YM with all Numatars Indonesia. And I got a trouble. Fortunately, everything can be overcome. It was very enjoyable. Especially when we gave a little surprise to other Numatars.

Eighth. 10th-11th of September. Quality time with my big family in Idul Fitri.

Ninth. 18th of September. For the umpteenth time, I’m at Bandung. Me meet with Selda, Raafi, and Futria at Pizza Hut – Bandung Super Mall. They’re some of Numatars Bandung. It was a girl day!

Tenth. 3rd of October. I watching Numata performance in Inbox – SCTV at Pasteur Hyper Point, Bandung. Now, they’re complete. And it was a happy Sunday.

Eleventh. October – December. I really busy with my school. Many homework to do. What a dizzy months.

Twelfth. December. It’s gratify! When I and Derby Community are welcome the premiere of Love In Perth. The film of Derby, Gita Gutawa and Petra Sihombing.

Yep, done. There’s twelve moments are not I forgotten. Tonight is a last night in 2010. There’s prediction me on my zodiac, 2011 gonna be mine. Amiiin. All I want and I need can be happen. Good bye my wonderful 2010. 2011, I’m ready!!


by: Annisa Cynthia Pratami

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